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Tommy’s Appliance Tips: Try to repair broken one vs. buy new

Just because an applicance quits working, that doesn’t mean it’s ready foer the scrap heap.

Nov. 6. Cornelius resident Tommy Walker had more than 50 years experience in appliance repair and operated Tommy’s Appliance Service until retiring a few years ago. Tommy will offer the community his advice for various appliances monthly.

When our appliances fail, it can stop us in your tracks because we’ve come to rely on them.

Sometimes we are quick to make a hasty decision and go buy a new one without having the broken applicance  looked at first.

If your appliance is 10 to 25 or more years old, and if you can find a reliable service man, it’s good to have it checked out. As you all know, I like older appliances because they work better, were made to last and do the job they were designed to do.

So before you rush out and make a quick decision to buy a new one, consider getting an estimate to repair first.

New appliances are not made very well, don’t last long, and they do not perform like the old ones.

Of course, if your appliance is 35 years old and older, maybe it’s time to send it out to the scrap yard. But when you buy a new one, definitely do your homework and don’t buy the first thing you see.

Try to stay with an American name-brand appliance.

Hope this helps you out when you’re inconvenienced by an appliance failure.

Have a good month.