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Tommy’s Appliance Tips: Just because your laundry smells good doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean

May 3.  Cornelius resident Tommy Walker had more than 50 years experience in appliance repair and operated Tommy’s Appliance Service until retiring a few years ago. Tommy will offers his advice for various appliances monthly.

As I watch TV commercials, I see more and more gimmicks.

I see ads for sprinkles you add to the water, and more.

Just because your laundry detergent has a good fragrance and lots of suds, it doesn’t  mean you’ve got good washing performance.

All these gimmicks do is enhance the odor to give you a false feeling that you achieved better results. And that’s not always the case.

Water filters or another add-on

Some models work good some do not. Try to get the original filter and not a generic. If you choose to do the filter, some models allow you to bypass the filter.

Fabric softeners

Fabric softeners do work as do the cling free sheets. But don’t use more multiple sheets per load; in fact, use a sheet for two loads.