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Tommy’s Appliance Tips: Advice for stove-tops and ovens

Cornelius resident Tommy Walker had more than 50 years experience in appliance repair and operated Tommy’s Appliance Service until retiring a few years ago.  Tommy offers his advice for various appliances. 

June 28. If you have a glass top cooktop or your oven top, be sure your pots and pans are thick and hopefully with an extra bottom made onto them.  Otherwise, it creates hot pockets causing the burner to shut off prematurely.

Always give your oven an adequate preheat, and be conscience of your rack levels. When broiling most ovens have a broil position position for the door, which is slightly open and highly recommended for broiling.

Self-clean your oven after using; reduce your time of cleaning by an hour. When cleaning by hand, be sure to spray the cloth, and not the appliance. For microwave ovens, be sure the insides are free of splatters oil or grease.

Thanks, Tommy


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