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Tips to keep your home safe while traveling

May 23. If you’re planning a summer trip, the Davidson Police Department offers steps you can take to keep your home secure.

The goal is to prevent burglaries. Here’s the advice:

Install security cameras: One of the most effective ways to deter burglars is by installing security cameras around your home. This way, you can monitor your property and catch any suspicious activity.

Secure your doors and windows: Your doors and windows are the entry points to your home, and securing them is crucial. Consider installing longer screws into your door latches to help make your door more difficult to kick in.

Invest in a home security system: A home security system can help you monitor your home, detect any unauthorized entry, and alert the authorities in an emergency.

Turn on all exterior lights at night: This deprives burglars of the cover of darkness they rely on to commit their crimes.

Don’t advertise your absence: If you’re going to be away from home for an extended period of time, make sure you don’t advertise your absence on social media or other platforms. In addition, ask a trusted neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your property and pick up any mail or packages that may be delivered.

Keep your property maintained: Keep your lawn mowed, trim your hedges, and remove any obstacles that may provide cover for criminals.

If you think your home has been broken into…

… do not enter your home and immediately call 911.