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Tips for Giving Tuesday

Nov. 28. Today is Giving Tuesday, a day when charities ask us to support worthy causes, of which there are plenty here and around the country.

If you’re wondering which organizations to support or how much money to donate, here are some guidelines culled from Charity Watch and Charity Navigator.

1. Make sure you’re donating to a legitimate organization by checking in with Charity Watch and Charity Navigator.

2. Determine whether the mission statement lines up with what you want to accomplish with your charitable giving.

3. Charity Watch and Charity Navigator can tell you the cost of raising money.

4. The most efficient organizations spend at least 75 percent of their budgets on programs and services, with the rest going toward administration and fundraising costs.

5. Be aware of the group’s nonprofit status. If you make a donation, you should know if it’s tax deductible.

6. You can find an organization’s tax status with the help of the IRS.

Reminder: You can only claim charitable donations only if you itemize your taxes.