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Tillis Baby Shower back at Town Hall

May 16. The Susan Tillis Foundation will host t​he ​thir​d annual Red, White and Bundled Baby Shower June 15​ ​at Cornelius Town Hall​.​ ​Everyone ​is asked to bring a baby item to donate​.

All items received will be bundled into welcome home packages for newborns of junior enlisted at Fort Bragg​ where the ​annual income for​ ​families is ​about $21,000.

​”​Many of these new parents in addition to having limited financial resources are often separated by distance from family and support systems and often lack the basic necessities just to bring their babies home from the hospital​,” said Tillis, whose husband, Thom, is a U.S. senator from North Carolina. He got his start in elected office on the Cornelius Town Board and went on to the NC House of Representatives before running for the Senate in 2014.

Th​e​ success of the last two showers has made it possible for the Foundation to broaden its support at other NC military installations as well as veterans’ families. Since its inception Red, White and Bundled has served almost 5,000 families to date.

Red, White and Bundled grew out of a visit by Susan to Fort Bragg in early 2015 where she saw firsthand the needs of our soldiers’ families. “These men and women are fighting for our freedom. It seems the least we can do is to ensure a happy homecoming for their new babies,” ​she said.

​The event at Cornelius Town Hall gets under way at 6 pm and finishes up at 7:30 pm. Donation boxes are in the lobby now for those who may not be able to attend the shower.
In addition to Red, White and Bundled, the Susan M. Tillis Foundation also provides aid to transitioning service members by providing the proper tools for reintegration into the civilian workforce through its Heroes to Work program. The Foundation also emphasizes the needs of the often forgotten Caregivers of Wounded Veterans through multiple touch points of support. The Susan M. Tillis Foundation is a 501 c(3) in support of active duty families, caregivers and veterans.