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Wildcats face Duquesne tonight: Thoughts from a diehard fan

Photo: Tim Cowie, DavidsonPhotos.com

Feb. 14. By Chris Davis. It was beautiful Saturday, but I found myself with friends glued to the Davidson BASKETBALL game. They lost. That is not the story.

What was I thinking? It is beautiful outside. I could be working in the yard. Could be playing golf. But, what am I doing? I’m watching the Wildcats, on TV, with friends.

If you’re new to Davidson, Davidson College has a pretty good men’s basketball team. Did I say pretty good? They have gotten votes for the top 25 and actually ranked 25th best basketball team one week according to the AP poll.

Coach Bob McKillop was interviewed Feb. 9, 2022 by noted columnist John Feinstein of the Washington Post. He had just coached his 1,000th game for Davidson Jan. 29. The title, “Bob McKillop is in his 33rd year coaching Davidson shows no sign of slowing down.” His brand of basketball is so much fun to watch.

Chris Davis: Wildcat Watcher

My friend Jenny calls them the cardiac come-back cats. They have come back from deficits almost every game. How do they do it? I don’t know. Ask Coach Bob McKillop. He knows. Better yet, ask his son, Matt, one of his assistant coaches. During the game, Matt has some type of rolled up paper in his hand and a big grin on his face. It’s like he sees something no one else is seeing and he can’t wait to tell his secret. You will catch him whispering to the official, but you can also catch him whispering into Coach McKillop’s ears as well. Maybe he’s running the show. Nah, Bob has this, but it sure is fun to watch. Anyway, the coaches are as much of the show as are the players.

But, I digress. Back to the game. To date, University of Rhode Island has lost six straight, but they are playing at home. And, they are much better than their record. They take the lead by double digits. They are big and they are tough. In fact, there is parity in the Atlantic 10 conference. OK, OK, I get it. It is not the ACC, but it’s good basketball.

Anyway, you have to see these Davidson guys. Foster Loyer hits 2 long three-pointers to pull Davidson back to within five points just before the half. Foster is a transfer from Michigan State. They list him on the roster at 6 foot, but I bet he can’t reach 5’ 9” standing on his toes. The boy can play. Blink your eyes and he has nailed another three pointer.

If Foster is a little guy playing a big game, what do you say about 6’ 10”Luca Brajkovic and his designer hair? He has European designer moves on the court as well. He is from Austria. When’s the last time you saw a big man get away with dribbling in the paint and then sinking hook shot? He goes left and right.

And, don’t forget Lee. Hyunjung Lee has a silky smooth shot and cuts to the basket like greased lightning. I am noticing more South Korean flags waving when he plays. The team is full of international players, all with their own unique style.

Just then, Luca goes down, hit by one of the Mitchell twins. Oh that hurt! Yells Tom, “Hit him right in the Brajkovic.” We watch the replay. He didn’t hit Luca. No, he gave him a championship wrestling move and threw him down on the floor.

That bully! Man, the A 10 is a tough league. Officials convene. Dave says that the Mitchell Twins have a history of getting technicals. Not today. Dave says the officials are afraid of them. It’s not even one and one. We are still behind, but fighting back.

Towards the end of the game, Davidson is getting close. We think they’re going to pull it out. Just then, Grant Hoffman tries to take the ball away from one of the Mitchell twins. Obvious jump ball. Grant looks at the official. We look at the official. The whole world is looking at the official! The official just stares. “It should’ve been a jump ball,” Jane yells.

Rhode Island makes two more baskets and Davidson is forced to start fouling to freeze the clock. The faithful Wildcat Watchers are not going to be rewarded today.

Davidson is still in first place in the A10 with two losses. They play Monday night at 7 PM. You can find me there. I am the person yelling, “You got to WANT IT!”

Just call me, Wildcat Watcher.

—Chris Davis is a Davidson resident and a registered Wildcat Watcher. You can email him at davisteam@icloud.com

Tonight’s Game vs. Duquesne Dukes | Feb. 14, 2022 | 7 pm
Location: Davidson
Site: John M. Belk Arena (4,300)
Radio: Davidson Radio Network
Video: WatchESPN.com
Live Stats: DavidsonWildcats.com