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Davidson News

The Davidson Art Festival is back on

Sept. 4. This year’s festival will be held 4-7 pm Saturday, Oct. 17 with an Oct. 31 rain date. 

To help local artists, the $40 application fee is waived. Although there is no charge for this festival,  participants must  fill out an application and be accepted into the show. Space is very limited and coronavirus pandemic safety

measures will be put into place throughout town.

 Space allotment will be 10 feet by 6 feet to accommodate walkers on  tight sidewalks. Tents are allowed but not required.

To keep the festival attendees spread out, the historic district and the southend arts district will be used. To encourage people to stay socially distant, the music and kids area will be at the southend instead of on the Green.

For information, please email Kristen Feighery at Kristenfeighery@gmail.com.