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The Cashion family: Always there when needed

Robert T. Cashion, the patriarch of the Cashiion family, established a “1% Give Back Policy” whereby Cashion’s would give back 1% of customer’s sales to the charity of their choice. He continued that policy through the life of the grocery business, giving back to the community by supporting local churches, schools, scouting programs, civic groups and other charitable organizations.

Founding Families | The US Census has shown tremendous growth in Cornelius and Davidson over the past 10 years. This is Part One of four in a series called Founding Families that will highlight the pioneers who laid the foundation for Cornelius before it became what it is today: A classy, small town by the lake with a charming personality.

Nov. 5. By Tonya Rivens. Before Harris Teeter, Publix, Food Lion and Aldi’s, the town of Cornelius had Cashion’s Food Mart, a locally owned business that provided good customer service. Employees knew every customer by name. Shoppers were able to purchase local produce with the confidence that they were purchasing good quality products while supporting local businesses. And baggers bagged groceries and accompanied shoppers to their car.

The last Cashion’s supermarket was located where the current Walgreens sits at 21500 Catawba Ave.

Small family businesses in a small town represent more than business. They are a reflection of the community.  According to Forbes, family businesses are often perceived as more customer-friendly, more approachable, more stable and more trustworthy.

In some ways, customers become more like family.

This family business continues to impact the lives of citizens in the community.

Gordon Cashion and mom Louise Cashion

The Cashion family is also one of the most philanthropic in North Mecklenburg.

According to Gordon Cashion, “the family has always been very supportive of the community.  When we had the grocery store, there was a program in place that we gave back 1% of sales to school, churches and charitable organizations.”

And although the Cashion’s grocery business was sold more than 20 years ago, the Cashions continue to give.

The family has donated $50,000 to the Cornelius Public Library, $250,000 to the Lake Norman Branch YMCA and $250,000 to the Ada Jenkins Center.

The family is also donating $500,000 to the Cain Center for the Arts.

Gordon Cashion says the family’s favorite quote is“our family gives back to this community because we believe in supporting the people who have supported us.”

The family runs four Cashion’s Quik Stops with two locations in Cornelius and two in Huntersville.

They employ a team of dedicated employees who continue the legacy of good customer service.  The employees also benefit from working for a family business that treats them like family.

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with approximately 120 people moving here every day.  In spite of the growth, Cornelius continues to maintain the charm of a small town. Families from “Wall Street” and “Main Street” are attracted to the community.

When the Cashion family laid the foundation of their business decades ago, they created a legacy of love, hope, service and joy. Our town continues to reflect the Cashion family and their desire to serve others.

Tonya Rivens

Tonya Rivens is a multi-skilled journalist in radio and television and is currently heard on Streetz 103.3/100.5 FM. She blogs at tonyarivens.com.