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Thanksgiving will look different this year

The Centers for Disease Control says staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others. Lower risk activities include having a small dinner with only people who live in your household.

Thoughtful things to do include preparing traditional family recipes for family and neighbors and delivering them in a way that doesn’t involve contact with others.

Having a virtual dinner and sharing recipes with friends and family during the day sounds like fun, too. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We asked Cornelius residents how this Thanksgiving will be different from years past.

Change of pace

For the past 15+ years, we traveled with relatives to a beautiful Caribbean destination in the Bahamas.  Unfortunately, that trip cannot happen this year.  So for a change of pace we will enjoy staying local this Thanksgiving with our children/grandchildren and including Sharon’s 98-year-old Mom.  We are truly excited about that but hope to head to our usual island destination next year ASAP!

—Woody Washam

The mayor and Sharon Washam have six grandchildren

Take a hike

The Harts will watch the Macy’s Day parade and then go on our annual Thanksgiving Day hike.  (Bill and I met hiking on Thanksgiving day weekend years ago, so it is an annual tradition for our family.)  After the hike, we’ll just eat dinner, read some really great children’s Thanksgiving books and lastly, cheer on our favorite dog breeds in the annual dog show on TV.

—Melissa Hart

Melissa and Bill Hart live off Jetton with their two daughters and Coco

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, and this year will be no different. It does not matter how many people you surround yourself with. Our table may be smaller this year—maybe four or six—we will still gather together and give thanks for our good health, and pray for all the people who have suffered. This year is a year that many want to forget, but we will try and find something good and be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, enjoy your family and friends together, by phone or by the new thing, Zoom.

—Siobhan Jackson

Siobhan and Patrick Jackson live in Victoria Bay

Zoom and Mac and Cheese

After hosting Thanksgiving for 35-plus family members in Boston for 20 years, Thanksgiving for the Joneses shifted to our children, who hosted in Boston and Maryland for the past six years.  This year will be a COVID-19 Thanksgiving.  We’ll be checking in and sharing via Zoom throughout the day.  Probably eating our traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac ‘n cheese, candied sweet potatoes, greens, rolls and desserts, including sweet potato and apple pie.

—Pam Jones

Pam and Willie Jones live in Antiquity

Remembering who we thank

We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving in North Carolina with my in-laws as we do each year.  We trust that they have been doing what they need to do to protect themselves as we have been doing.  And despite the Community Thanksgiving Service being cancelled, the church is still working to provide meals for those in need.  Prudence and faith as our guides!  And please do not forget the One to whom we are giving thanks!  Happy Thanksgiving!

—Rev. David Judge, Pastor First Baptist Church of Cornelius

Christy and David Judge live in Jetton Cove

Higher risk activities

• Going shopping in crowded stores

• Participating or being a spectator at a crowded race

• Attending crowded parades

• Alcohol or drugs can cloud judgment and increase risky behaviors

• Attending large indoor gatherings with people outside your household

Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention