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Team effort: New ‘business alliance’ aims to help

March 15. By Dave Vieser. The Cornelius Business Alliance, which evolved last year from a local Facebook page, continues to expand efforts to help businesses in Cornelius thrive, grow and connect. The non-profit 501(c)(6) organization meets every Monday at Harvey’s Restaurant, according to President Cynthia Team, a local real estate agent.

Cynthia Team

“Our mission is to advocate for and strengthen businesses in Cornelius. Information is shared through emails that only our members see. Business issues are discussed in confidence as the group works to help and resolve those issues of concern,” she said.

They’re currently in the midst of a “Discover Cornelius” winter promotion that ends March 24. Those who visit the most businesses win a prize.

The alliance spun off from a Facebook page called Exit 28 is Great. That page, which has 1,800 members, was itself a reaction to another Facebook page called Exit 28 Ridiculousness, which has more than 9,400 members.

Team also hopes to create a database of Cornelius businesses. “Since the Town no longer imposes a franchise tax, a town database no longer exists,” said Team. “Once businesses are vetted and added to our list, email communications begin. Currently we have approximately 300 businesses listed.”

The database is not made public but will instead be held in confidence so members can communicate with each other to discuss issues. Team also plans a membership directory, a map and a Visitor’s Guide for Participating Businesses. There is no membership fee to join. Team can be reached at CorneliusBusinessAlliance@gmail.com.