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Blood donors needed

Feb. 16. The American Red Cross needs more people to give this month to meet the needs of hospitals and their patients. One in 7 patients entering a hospital will need a blood transfusion. At the same time, only about 3 percent of Americans give blood.  All who give blood, platelets or plasma in February […]

Most candle fires occur in homes during December

Dec. 5. The American Red Cross encourages everyone to follow simple steps to prevent home fires from holiday decorations. Most home fires involving candles happen in December, when one in five home decoration fires also occur.  “Help protect your family by using battery-operated candles, testing your smoke alarms monthly and practicing your two-minute escape plan […]

Red Cross urges families to be safe heating their homes

Oct. 24. The American Red Cross urges families to be safe heating their homes to help prevent home fires, which typically rise during colder months. A Red Cross survey showed that more than half of he respondents have used a space heater , which is involved in most fatal home heating fires. It’s critical to […]


How to prepare for a storm

  Sept. 29. As Ian makes its way to the Carolinas, the Greater Carolinas Region of the American Red Cross is encouraging communities to prepare for possible impacts here, including flooding and high winds. The following tips and steps are useful for any serious storm, including this coming winter. Action plan —Create an evacuation plan.  […]

Blood supplies so critical Red Cross is offering $10 gift card

Jan. 31. Fifty-four blood drives statewide have been canceled due to winter storms in January, resulting in about 1,480 donations uncollected due to the weather. As February approaches, and the effects from the spread of the omicron variant and winter weather persist, the Red Cross is asking you to make an appointment now to give […]

Red Cross needs help: Donors down 26%

Nov. 23. This year, the American Red Cross is heading into the holidays with its lowest blood supply in more than a decade at this time of year. Locally, new blood donors fell 26 percent due to COVID. Make an appointment to give blood or platelets as soon as possible by using the Red Cross Blood […]