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Author David Fleming

MecDec Day: Book signing, revolutionary new beer at Lost Worlds Saturday

May 18. By Dave Yochum.  Fourth of July rolls off the tongue like fireworks and watermelon, but author David Fleming says the right day to celebrate American independence is May 20 because on that date 248 years ago the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was signed. Sadly it was destroyed in a fire in 1800. Eye-witness […]

 The North Carolina Confederate Monument was dismantled at the State Capitol in June 2020 | Photo: Clayton Henkel

‘No right way to tear down oppressive systems’: The risks of toppling Confederate monuments

April 19. [Analysis] By Kelan Lyons/NC Newsline. Jeremy Collins didn’t know where he was going to get one, but he needed a crane. It was June 2020, a month after George Floyd’s murder. Collins’s boss, Gov. Roy Cooper, had just ordered the removal of three Confederate monuments in Raleigh after protestors had toppled two bronze […]

November HEARTS event postponed for renovation at Cedar Grove

Nov. 3. The November HEARTS event at the Hugh Torance House and Store is being postponed to allow for the installation of a whole-house HVAC system. The needed rehabilitation work at Cedar Grove is starts with the HVAC system to provide climate control and recommended humidity levels to protect and preserve the 1831 Greek Revival […]

David Childers will perform at HEARTS

HEARTS event at Cedar Grove features local music, local food discussion

Oct. 3. What did harvest and harvest time mean to the people in our region throughout the ages? Find out at the the Oct. 15 HEARTS event at historic Cedar Grove and Hugh Torance House and Store on Gilead Road. The theme is “Harvest.” Ashli Quesinberry Stokes, PhD will explore local foodways and traditions from […]

Sharecropper/tenant house / Photo by Jason Benavides

Tenant house: It really is saved, but it won’t move to a town park

April 6. By Dave Yochum. As of April 5, Preserve Mecklenburg says they “can now see a way to preserve the tenant house” on the Alexander Farm property which will soon become a large mixed-use development. It all came down to the wire with the developer at odds with the Town of Cornelius over where […]

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Local history: The Alexander Farm

April 6. By Dan Morrill/Preserve Mecklenburg. J. Wilson Alexander (1887-1972) owned and operated a large cotton farm in Northern Mecklenburg. Cotton was a labor-intensive crop. It took a lot of people to plant, cultivate, and harvest cotton. Most of the labor was provided by sharecroppers and tenant farmers. They lived in modest houses on the […]

Sharecropper/tenant house / Photo by Jason Benavides

No place for home: Historic tenant house has no place to go

March 14. By Dave Yochum. It turns out there’s a glitch in the efforts to save the tenant house on the Alexander Farm at the corner of Westmoreland and West Catawba. The town may have identified a permanent site, but it won’t be ready any time soon. Meanwhile, an April 12 demolition deadline is looming. […]

Potts Barber Shop

Black History Month observances Saturday include plaque for Potts Barber Shop

Feb. 25. The town will celebrate Black History Month with a special event called “Embracing Heritage” from 1 pm to 3 pm Saturday, Feb.26 at Town Hall. Special presentations: —HEARTS Park: Abigail Jennings will be sharing the vision for HEARTS Park in Huntersville. —Potts Barber Shop Historic Designation: Regarded as the oldest ongoing Black-owned business […]

Sharecropper house on Alexander Farm

Deadline to save Cornelius tenant farmhouse is Feb. 1

Dec. 22. By Dave Vieser. Preserve Mecklenburg, which hopes to save the tenant house at the old Alexander Farm at West Catawba and Westmoreland, would move the historic structure to a site near the Cedar Grove mansion on Gilead Road in Huntersville. The deadline is apparently Feb. 1. “There were many sharecroppers at Cedar Grove,” […]