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With apologies to "Dumb and Dumber"

Would I trade my glabrous pate? No thank you.

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show March 10. I’m bald. Perhaps you noticed. Perhaps you haven’t. Either way, I’m bald. I’ve been bald most of my adult life. I’ve been bald so long that the last time I had a full head of hair I was more concerned about Y2K than I was about losing […]

Modern Dad love boat Feb 2023

If Cornelius were a port on a cruise, here’s what I’d do

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show. Feb. 10. The New York Times recently brought back its “36 Hours” travel column after pausing it for two years due to COVID. The longtime weekly feature suggests to readers how to spend 36 hours in destinations throughout the world like the Matterhorn, Majorca and Tbilisi (yes that’s an […]


Why play sports at my age?

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Dec. 31. Every once in a while my mom asks me why I still play in a soccer league and I never have a good answer. It has nothing to do with exercise. I can do that at the gym and not deal with aching hips and a sore […]

Modern Dad Elf Web Dec 2022

The 12 things Modern Dad wants for Christmas

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Dec. 25. It’s the holiday season, which means it’s the time of year when we call our dads and ask them what they want for Christmas, and they respond with the same time-honored dad answer, “Nothing, I just want you to be happy.” It took having kids for me […]

Modern Dad 5 years

2017-2022: Five years of ‘Modern Dad’

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Nov. 11. This month marks five years since I began writing this column. Modern Dad was created when the editor and publisher of Cornelius Today, Dave Yochum, read something I wrote and emailed me and proposed writing a column about restaurants or cars. I don’t eat out very often […]

With apologies to 
“The Great Outdoors”

Camping in the dark

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show Sept. 9. The first time I went camping I was 25 years old. It was during a rafting trip with friends and I bought a two-person tent and an inflatable sleeping bag and maybe slept a total of two hours because of the terrifying noises in the dark. I […]

Modern Dad 2022 lacrosse

My totally OCD approach to watching my kids play sports

Modern Dad | By Jon Show July 8. I was indoctrinated into Travel Sports Season five years ago when someone convinced me that I had to sign up my 8 year old son because it was the only way he was going to become the best lacrosse player in the history of the world or […]

Modern Dad 2022 fathers day web

A father is patient, kind and a work in progress. I know I am.

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show June 17. Our little corner of the neighborhood has seen an influx of babies in the last year or so, which got me to thinking, because it doesn’t take much to get me to thinking. The Mother of Dragons and I are old. We say things to the new […]

With apologies to Willy Wonka

Hey, candy man, what’s your Top 10?

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show April 8. My love affair with gas station candy began with the Whatchamacallit. When I was learning to swim I would get one after swim lessons because I was a very brave little boy who jumped into his mother’s arms from the edge of the pool. It was sometime […]

Modern Dad March Maytag Web

Nothing in the kitchen works. Let that sink in.

MODERN DAD | By Jon Show I—like most people my age—grew up in a home that had appliances. I don’t remember anything specific about them other than they had buttons and knobs and churned through daily performances like workhorses. They were the backbone of the house. Cleaners of dishes and underwear. Cookers of breakfasts and […]