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Dale Earnhardt's Chevy Impala

NASCAR stars gearing up for AmeriCarna car show

Nov. 17. Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 1965 Impala fastback will be one of the celebrity cars on display at the AmeriCarna LIVE Car Show Saturday, Nov. 26 at Trane Technologies in Davidson. The event runs from 9 am to 3 pm and benefits IGNITE, the Autism Society’s community centers for young adults. It’s hosted by Ray […]

Parents can give their child a blue bucket or display a blue pumpkin to let others know their child has ASD or that your house is friendly to children with ASD.

Halloween tips:  What to do if your child has autism spectrum disorder

Oct. 28. Here are tips from Atrium Health Levine Children’s experts on how to make this Halloween inclusive and fun for all. Dr. Yasmin Senturias, division chief of Atrium Health Levine Children’s Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, sees many children with ASD in her practice. About 1 in 44 children has been identified with ASD according to estimates […]