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Stumptown Road Extension Project comment period ends soon

Aug. 3. A project to extend Stumptown Road east of NC 115 (Old Statesville Road) is expected to begin construction in 2026.

This project in Huntersville will feature bike lanes and sidewalks. Seagle Street will also extend north to the new road to increase local connectivity.

The Stumptown Road Extension Project comment period is open through Aug. 12. Share your thoughts and comments using the online form.

East-west mobility

The project aims to address the need for additional east-west mobility as well as enhance connectivity to existing streets and encourage non-vehicular modes of transportation with bike lanes and sidewalks.

Some existing railroad crossing will close. Norfolk-Southern agreed to the new crossing at Stumptown Road in exchange for the closure of two public crossings and four private crossings.


Currently, the Stumptown Road Extension Project estimate is $10 million.