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Study: NC is 10th best state for racial progress

Jan. 10. With 44 percent of Americans saying they are pessimistic about “our country’s ability to ensure racial equality for all people” in the future, North Carolina is doing better than most states in this regard.

The Tar Heel State ranked 10th best overall for Black people compared to Whites in racial progress over the past 50 years. The WalletHub study said Georgia, Texas and Mississippi came in first, second and third, respectively, in terms of improvements in employment and wealth; education; and social and civic engagement.

Iowa and Vermont tied for last place. [To read the full study, click here.]

Racial Progress in North Carolina (1=Most Progress, 25=Avg.)

20th – Change in Median Annual Household Income Gap
9th – Change in Labor-Force Participation Rate Gap
16th – Change in Unemployment Rate Gap
14th – Change in Homeownership Rate Gap
8th – Change in Poverty Rate Gap
20th – Change in Gap in % of Adults* with at Least a High School Diploma
22nd – Change in Standardized-Test Scores Gap
2nd – Change in Voter-Turnout Gap (2020 Presidential Election)

—All of the comparisons refer to the gaps between Whites and Blacks over time.

According to WalletHub, Hawaii, Arizona and New Mexico are the most integrated states, while Minnesota, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia are the least integrated.

By this measure, North Carolina came in at No. 12, South Carolina was 33rd and Virginia 12th.



“The major causes of the racial gap between black and white households are a layered comparative understanding of disparities between Blacks and other groups in earned salaries, investment literacy, awareness of home ownership options, availability of education-based career options, legal penalties for minor violations that sabotage prospects for future gainful employment, and imbalanced inheritance of intergenerational wealth.”

—Christel N. Temple Ph.D.

Professor of Africana Studies
University of Pittsburgh