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SteinMart reopens at 11 Wednesday

May 13. SteinMart opens at 11 am today, one more sign of a slightly more normal ‘new normal’ as the first full week of Phase 1 hits mid-week.

More businesses and stores are reopening of the state, with many more stores opening on Saturday, including Goodwill and, on Monday, Williams Sonoma in Birkdale.

Banana Republic will reopen this Friday at 11 am. Barnes & Noble in Birkdale this morning said they do not yet have a reopen date.

Northlake Mall will open Monday next week.

Restaurants remain closed except for take-out service. Barber shops, beauty, hair and nail salons remain closed, as are theaters, bowling alleys and gyms.

Shoppers are being greeted with welcome-back smiles—and lots of signs and arrows pointing us in the right direction.

Many people are wearing masks, and practicing social distancing when entering the store. There’s a certain tension when people not wearing masks pass those who are.

Gov. Roy Cooper imposed his stay-at-home order effective March 30, forcing businesses, except those deemed “essential,” to close.

To review Frequently Asked Questions about Phase 1 reopening, click here.

Phase I reopening in North Carolina began Friday at 5 pm. It is scheduled to expire May 22. Depending on how COVID-19 is trending, additional limitations on businesses could be eased, or the heavier layer of restrictions prior to Phase 1 could be reimposed.

What is different about Phase 1?

• Eliminates the distinction between essential and non-essential businesses

• Allows most retail businesses (with exceptions) that can comply with specific requirements to open at 50 percent capacity

• Allows people to leave home for non-essential goods or services

• Encourages state parks and trails that are closed to open

• Specifically allows people to gather outdoors while following recommendations to promote social distancing

• Opens child care to working families

• Encourages cloth face coverings when outside the home in order to protect others.