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Sign up now to be a grandfriend to a Davidson College student

Calling all grandfirends to sign up. Photo courtesy Town of Davidson

Sept. 12. The Grandfriend program pairs Davidson College students with mature adults in the Lake Norman community to create meaningful, inter-generational friendships.

This long running and successful program runs during the traditional school year, breaking for summer and resuming in the fall.

What does a grandfriend do?

Grandfriends are encouraged to connect on their own through conversations and activities they both enjoy. After an initial meeting, grandfriends can call each other up for coffee, a Wildcat game, art show or performance, or even to share a home cooked meal together.

Group events are completely optional, but offer an opportunity for fun and fellowship with other grandfriends.

The Grandfriend program is a fun and easy way to be a mentor, friend or adopted family to a student.

To register, visit the town website.