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Should you call police same as usual?

March 18. We have covered police departments and chiefs for many years and Chief Kevin Black is among the very best. Here’s what he says about calling them during the coronavirus crisis:

“Currently we are screening calls asking if the resident/caller needs to see an officer or if the officer can call the resident/caller by phone.  We are encouraging resident/callers who need to file reports for minor things that do not require an officers presence to please file the report by phone,” Chief Black says.

++If an officer’s presence is needed CPD will respond.  

“We have instructed officers that in the event their presence is needed at a residence to ask the caller to step outside as opposed to going inside, when possible,” the chief says.

++If an officer’s presence is required inside the home they will come in.

But have been instructed to be very observant of any signs and/or symptoms exhibited by anyone in the home.

Of course, call 911 in the event of an emergency. The non-emergency number at the Police Dept. is 704-892-1363.