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Sharrows could enhance safety on Jetton

March 31. Cornelius officials are considering measures to enhance safety for bikers and motorists at the intersection of Jetton Road and Charles Town Lane. One of the ideas under consideration is the addition of sharrows in the eastbound lane of Jetton Road.

Sharrows are diagrams embedded in the pavement to be used in situations where cyclists and drivers must coexist in the same lane.

“After reviewing various options, we believe the most effective way to alert motorists that there may be bicycles using the left lane onto Charles Towne Lane is to place sharrows in the left eastbound lane of Jetton Road just prior to Charles Towne Lane,” said Town Planner Gary Fournier.

“These are already used in many cities throughout the world, including uptown Charlotte,” he added.

However, the proposal will still need to be reviewed and approved by town senior staff as well as the Town Board. If they do go along with the idea, it will be the first time sharrows have ever been used in Cornelius.

Jetton Road is a town-maintained thoroughfare, so the addition of traffic measures such as sharrows will ultimately rest with the Town Board, and will not require NCDOT approval.