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Senior pickleballers will not be charged

April 1. Police say eight elderly pickleball players will not be charged with assault after apparently attacking much younger tennis players at the Bradley Creek Tennis Courts in Cornelius Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials said the incident happened after the college-age tennis players caused the pickleballers to go into their “pudding time” at the K&W Cafeteria in Huntersville.

Three of the younger tennis players were treated and released at the hospital while none of the pickleballers was hurt.

There’s a deep rift between the local pickleball and tennis communities. Pickleball Club of America Vice President Stu Bean said there are not enough pickleball courts in Cornelius despite repeated requests to the Town Board.

A Cornelius Town Commissioner is organizing a Tennis-Pickleball joint summit in May to clear the air.

“As both pickleball and tennis continue to grow I hope the older men and women will be more mindful of their more youthful counterparts and jointly support the health and fitness for our community,” said Commissioner Bunky Wisenheimer.

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