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Sen. Tarte cancels fundraiser

Sept. 22. NC Sen. Jeff Tarte has cancelled a long-planned fundraiser in Matthews tonight because of the state of emergency declared by Gov. Pat McCrory in the wake of unrest in Charlotte.

“I have chosen to postpone the fundraising event to be held tonight in Matthews. I ask if you need to be out and about this evening that you exercise caution and be careful,” the former Cornelius mayor said.

Tarte, who represents NC Senate District 41, was holding a campaign kickoff with NC Sen. Bob Rucho at the Law Offices of Garrity & Gossage on West John Street in Matthews from 6 pm to 9 pm. Event chairs and hosts included a school board member and Charlotte City Council members.

“Please keep our national guard, state troopers, police, fire, and first responders in your thoughts and prayers. If you come in contact with any law enforcement personnel please comply with their instructions. If there was ever a time to follow the Golden Rule, it is now. I have confidence that our community will find compassion, understanding and our way. Be safe and do good,” Tarte said in a written statement.