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Ross gains 1 vote as provisionals are counted; Duke asking for recount

“Final​” votes have been tallied and Thurman Ross is holding onto fifth place​ a week after the Cornelius Commission contest​​. The results will be officially posted ​in the state Board of Election system on Friday. At that point, sixth-place finisher ​Jim Duke, a two-term incumbent, ​is expected to ask for a recount.

The losing candidate must be within 1​ percent​ of the winning candidate to call for a recount. ​The results released yesterday afternoon show Ross leading Duke, 1,896 to 1,890. ​

Jim Duke

Thurman Ross

​The official “c​anvass​” will be completed Friday at 11 am. ​Board of Election spokeswoman Kristin Mavromatis said losing candidate must request ​a recount ​in writing. ​”​Once requested, the ​three-​member Board selects a time and place to conduct the recount. No one is required to attend​,” she said.

Commissioner Duke was ​magnanimous about the apparent lost, but nevertheless said he would press ahead with a recount.

“Simply put, I owe to myself and those who have supported my campaign to request a recount of the ballots.​..I have the greatest respect for Thurman Ross and informed him of my decision before making it. We are and remain good friends. Regardless of the results of the recount, the Town will be well served by the new Board of Commissioners.”

Most of the candidates gained votes when provisional ballots were counted. The No. 1 finisher, Mike Miltich, climbed from 2,042 votes to 2,046.​ Duke rose from 1,888 votes to 1,890. Ross rose from 1,893 to 1,896. The six-vote gap may very well withstand a recount.

​”​Given the spread of a mere five​ or six​ votes, it is possible but not probable that the results could be changed​,” Duke said.​


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