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Restaurant X will re-brand to Lebanese cuisine

Perry Camacho, Nazira Atme

Jan. 18. By Dave Yochum. Restaurant X in Davidson is getting a new name and a new menu.

Executive chef and owner Nazira Atmé says, after 10 years, it was time for a new concept.

Habibi Lebanon, which means “My Beloved Lebanon,” will serve Lebanese cuisine, a rare find in the Charlotte region.

The re-launch takes place the first week in March.


Atmé’s team includes her son and general manager Perry Camacho and sous chef George Sfeir, who says Mediterranean dishes have been popular with customers, so it made sense to go all in and rebrand.

There won’t be down-time between the switch from Restaurant X, a staple in Davidson’s South Main Square for a decade, to Habibi Lebanon.

What’s to eat

In addition to kebabs, hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, falafel and stuffed grape leaves, Habibi Lebanon offerings will include Kibbe Nayeh (Lebanese Steak Tartare); traditional Lebanese stews; Lebanese pies (Zaatar, Cheese, Sfiha); Sambousik (meat and cheese); and Shawarma beef and chicken platters

Desserts include baklava; Katayef (traditional Lebanese mini pancakes filled with homemade clotted cream garnished with pistachios and topped with simple syrup); and Knafeh (a warm, traditional Lebanese sweet dessert usually made from melted cheese and pastry dough, with homemade simple syrup poured over the top and a sprinkle of chopped pistachios).

—There’s a full bar including wine and beer from Lebanon.