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Rescue Ranch launches new foster/adoption program

Ryan and Krissie Newman. Photo courtesy of Rescue Ranch

Dec. 11. Statesville-based Rescue Ranch has a new Foster and Adoption Program that will work with local shelters and other animal nonprofits to rescue dogs and cats to be adopted out. The nonprofit, founded by Krissie Newman and NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, hopes to add farm animals, bunnies, hamsters and exotics. Adoption fees will include vaccinations and spaying/neutering to promote responsible ownership.. The program is opening up applications for foster families while it awaits adoptable animals. For now, no animals in the program will reside at the Ranch but instead with go into foster care.

“We currently have over 80 animal ambassadors that are permanent residents at the Ranch and help us with animal education programs, but we know there are so many other animals in need of the loving homes they deserve,” said Krissie Newman.

She said the pandemic has hit so many families hard and many animals have suffered as well.

For more information on the Rescue Ranch Foster and Adoption Program and to download a foster application, visit RescueRanchAdoptions.com, call (704) 768-0927 or email adopt@rescueranch.com.

The 87-acre Rescue Ranch offers school, Scout and camp programs, birthday parties and private tours, which promote humane education through hands-on learning. More info: www.rescueranch.com