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Rate of new COVID-19 cases falling statewide, and in Mecklenburg

Aug. 11. By Dave Yochum. Based on data from Johns Hopkins University, the median number of new cases of COVID-19 statewide and in Mecklenburg County have fallen 24 percent and 21 percent, respectively, during the past week compared to the past month.

The statewide data from Johns Hopkins show a median of 1,398 new daily cases during the past week, compared to 1,837 during the previous month.

The Mecklenburg data from Johns Hopkins show a median of 189 daily new cases during the past week, compared to 241 during the preceding month.

Johns Hopkns is reporting 22,315 cumulative cases in Mecklenburg since the outbreak began.

Yesterday the NC Department of Health and Human Services reported 626 new cases of COVID-19 statewide, down dramatically from recent weeks. Today’s report, scheduled for noon by the NCDHHS, had not been released as of 1:15 pm.

Here is a ranking of the states by deaths and recoveries from Johns Hopkins:

32,774 deaths, 73,689 recovered/New York US

15,874 deaths, 32,977 recovered/New Jersey US

10,382 deaths,  recovered/California US

9,165 deaths, 344,845 recovered/Texas US

8,735 deaths, 99,021 recovered/Massachusetts US

8,276 deaths,  —recovered*/Florida US

7,845 deaths,  —recovered*/Illinois US

7,313 deaths, 90,930 recovered/Pennsylvania US

6,519 deaths, 63,636 recovered/Michigan US

4,441 deaths, 8,721 recovered/Connecticut US

4,263 deaths, 89,083 recovered/Louisiana US

4,199 deaths,  —recovered*/Georgia US

4,150 deaths, 25,527 recovered/Arizona US

3,669 deaths, 78,435 recovered/Ohio US

3,591 deaths, 5,910 recovered/Maryland US

3,044 deaths, 54,068 recovered/Indiana US

2,327 deaths, 12,923 recovered/Virginia US

2,192 deaths, 105,093 recovered/North Carolina US

Source: Johns Hopkins data pulled Aug. 10 


*— Indicates no source for reliable data