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Public swimming Memorial Day weekend!

By Dave Vieser. The long-awaited public beach at Ramsey Creek Park will be dedicated today at an 11 am ceremony, complete with public officials. Jim Garges, director of Mecklenburg County Parks, said it is the first time “in 40 years since folks have been able to swim from county parkland.” The beach officially opens at 10:30 am Saturday, despite the fact that a new traffic signal at Nantz Road will not have been installed.

Garges said Cornelius Police will direct traffic at that intersection until the signal is completed. Mecklenburg County will foot the bill for off-duty officers at an intersection that’s already difficult for Nantz Road residents to turn left, heading east on Catawba.

“The traffic light will not be in, but the intersection will be managed by the Cornelius Police.”

The arrangement was confirmed by Police Chief Bence Hoyle. “Until the signal is in place we will work with the County in any way we can to help them make this a success,” Hoyle said.

Just last month, the town commissioners reiterated that the new beach will not open until the intersection has been realigned and the traffic signal is working. The use of police for traffic in the short term, at the county’s expense, apparently supersedes that plan.

Under an agreement between the County, NCDOT and the new Courtyards at Lake Norman development by EPCON, the developer will be responsible for realigning the intersection and installing the new signal. The county is spending $425,700 on the half-acre beach itself which will accommodate up to 500 swimmers.