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Bow ties and bright colors for this year’s proms

Bow ties and bright colors for this year's proms

April 17. Look for lots of bow ties on tuxedo-clad gentlemen along with bright-colored dresses for young women at this year’s senior proms, according to local formal wear experts. Hough High’s prom is May 2 at the Ritz Carlton while North Mecklenburg’s will be May 16 at the Oasis Temple.

Bow ties and bright colors for this year's proms“The trend for the guys to wear bow ties started last year,” said Peggy Byrrell, manager of South Lake Tuxedos in Cornelius. “This year, all the guys are going for bow ties, along with individual bright colored tuxedos to match their date’s dresses.” Of course, bow ties are a classic standard in formal wear.

For the girls, most plan to wear long flowing dresses while others are selecting bridesmaid dresses, or very formal long prom/pageant dresses.

Tuxedo rentals start at $69.95 but with shoes added on, the tab can exceed $200. My Michelle V-neck, strapless and one-shoulder prom dresses at JC Penny are on sale for $66.99 right now. Add in prom tickets at $65 each and other accoutrements, and a prom is economic development news.