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Price check: The incredible, edible — and expensive — egg

The egg case at Publix had some empty spots at the store in the Magnolia Estates shopping center.

Feb. 3. By TL Bernthal. Grocery bills are on the rise, with higher prices for many items and jaw-dropping increases for the cost of a dozen eggs.

We visited five local grocery stores yesterday to compare egg prices from one year ago. (Yes, we keep track of such things.)

Why the increase?

A deadly outbreak of the bird flu, among other problems, is causing rising prices on eggs in grocery stores all across the country, and local shoppers look at the egg case and say wow.

For $9 do they crack themselves?

The cheapest dozen you’ll find is about $4.29 and it’s at Harris Teeter. The most expensive is at Publix where you can shell out as much as $9 a dozen. Prices of cage free eggs have the biggest price range at all the local stores.

Egg cases may have empty shelves or have low supplies.

Some stores are limiting purchases to two dozen eggs, while Aldi’s has a limit of six dozen per shopper.

Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Publix and The Fresh Market offer more variety with white or brown eggs, free range, organic, cage free.

The Aldi store had few eggs on Thursday, Feb. 2, but did have this note: Due to recent market conditions, our egg retail has increased. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The prices

—Aldi’s eggs were selling for $4.97 on Thursday, Feb. 2, while in February last year a dozen cost $1.40

At Food Lion prices rose from $1.49 a dozen or $4.99 for cage free in February last year to $4.99 or $5.99 to $7.99 a dozen for cage free.

—At Harris Teeter, were prices $1.59 a dozen or $3.49 a dozen for cage free in February last year. The least expensive dozen now is $4.29 and it’s cage free. Prices go up to $6.49 a dozen, also cage free.

—At Publix, prices rose from $2.55 a dozen or $3.49 a dozen for cage free in February last year to $4.79 or up to $9.15 a dozen for cage free.

—The Fresh Market has a limit of 2 dozen for its cage free, free range or organic eggs, the only kind it sells. Prices rose from $3.49 a dozen in February last year to $4.79 to $7.99.