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Police on scene of PWC accident in Cornelius

More than a half-dozen emergency boats were on scene at 6:15 pm

Sept. 9.  UPDATED 8:30 pm. One person has died after a late-afternoon jet ski accident off Island Forest Drive.  Fire officials at 8:30 pm confirmed the body was recovered.

Police asked boaters and residents to stay clear of the area.

At 6 pm, a Cornelius official confirmed the drowning.

Sonar and a remote operated vehicle were deployed.

At 6:30 pm there were between six and eight fire and rescue boats on the scene at the tip of Island Forest near Pinecrest Place, as well as multiple emergency vehicles on land.

Island Forest is off Bethel Church Road 1.5 miles from West Catawba.

The victim was identified as Jonathan Keaton, 32, of Statesville.

First responders, both on the water and on land, are in the area near 2302


2 Responses to “Police on scene of PWC accident in Cornelius”

  1. I was parked at bethel Presby when the fire trucks came by and turned right past the graveyard I decided to follow them as I have friends in that neighborhood on chapel point and went all the way around that neighborhood then went back to bethel church then back to catawba! Turned left on catawba then went to goodwill then turned around again, then came back down bethel church then turned left on charles town then right on Northport then to the end of that then finally turned left on bethel church and went to island forest drive.. ??? Hope the person’s life didnt depend on the fire dept because all of this ate of 15-20 minutes of precious time.
    FYI.. Google maps takes anyone from to catawba down bethel church to a right on island forest.. From the first time they turned down bethel church should not have taken more than 3-5 minutes max to island forest, not 15-20 minutes. These guys cut through 2 neighborhoods unnecessarily when it was a straight shot to Island Forest!
    Do they not have google maps? I hope the station chief will address this!

    Posted by Gradyp | September 9, 2021, 9:31 pm

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