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Police nab a real McCoy 4 hours after robbery


Jan. 18. Cornelius Police ​made quick work out of a robbery at Cashion’s Quik Stop​ Wednesday on S. Main Street​. The suspect, a 42-year-old white man, walked inside, asked for change for a dollar an​d then reached across the counter and took money from the drawer.

​CPD commended the employees of the busy corner store and gas station for providing detailed information. They were able to provide a partial tag and a description of the getaway car; Harold Lee McCoy​ was arrested four hours later​​

Police determined the suspect​ was driving​ a rental car and tracked ​McCoy ​down at a residence in Huntersville with the assistance of the Huntersville Police and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

McCoy​, 42, was charged with Felony Common Law Robbery. McCoy was wanted on two felony warrants from Iredell County for Larceny from the Person and being a Habitual Felon.​ He was transported to the Mecklenburg County Jail.