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Pole replacement at Jetton/Catawba could take months

April 22. The accident at Jetton and West Catawba last week could upset the aesthetic sensibilities of Cornelius for months. A Kenworth dump truck with its bed still up struck a deluxe traffic light this past Friday and the NCDOT has since shut down Jetton for about 75 feet on the Magnolia Plaza side of the intersection.

The temporary fix means installing wooden poles in the interim. It will likely take four to six months to replace the aesthetically pleasing metal pole which matches the ones up and down West Catawba from the Torrence Chapel to Jetton.

The truck sustained $200 worth of damage. But the repair to the traffic light pole could cost tens of thousands of dollars if not more.

NCDOT: Pole can’t be fixed

NCDOT visited the accident site at West Catawba and Jetton Monday. They said the pole can’t be repaired.

NCDOT is currently working with property owners on both sides of Jetton Extension regarding the temporary measures. They estimate a two- to four-week installation of the temporary measures and reopening of the road.

The Cornelius Police report says the truck was leaving the site of the new Chase Bank under construction at the corner of Jetton and West Catawba, where it was turning in the direction of Westmoreland, The driver, who was not hurst, “said he heard a loud sound come from his truck.”

When he stopped and got out he realized that he “forgot to lower the dump bed back down on his dump truck,” the police report says.

The construction site manager said he saw the crash occur but could not notify the driver because he didn’t have his phone number.

Costly repair?

There’s no word exactly how much it will cost to repair, but signalized lights don’t come cheap.

A four-way intersection with lights and poles—plus design and engineering—can cost upwards of $400,000.