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Planning Board vacancies remain unfilled

Photo by Jason Benavides

Feb. 19. By Dave Vieser. Cornelius Planning Board appointments, originally scheduled for February, have been delayed according to Town Manager Andrew Grant.

“At this time, the Town is still going through the process of selecting members for the Planning Board,” Grant told Cornelius Today on Feb. 16. “I’ll have a better idea in the next few weeks when this may come to the Town Board for their consideration.”

The appointmemts carry some added interest this year for several reasons. First, a new chairperson needs to be named as former Chairwoman, Susan Johnson, was elected to the Town Board, vacating her planning board position.

In addition, Cornelius Today has learned that  former town commissioners have expressed interest in serving on the Planning Board.

During the interim period, Planning Board member Joe Dean has been serving as Acting chairman.