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Pickleball brawl averted

April 1.  Matthew McConnaghy says he will not press charges against an elderly tennis player who pushed him off a court in Robbins Park that he was using for pickelball.

Video shows the star of “Lincoln Continental Lawyer Mark V” in a lengthy discussion with the tennis player, de-escalating the situation, police said.

The courts in upscale Robbins Park—where McConnaghy may or may not live—have been hotly contested by advocates of both sports.

Thursday incident

Police said the incident happened Thursday when a group from Pickleball LKN broke out the temporary nets on two open courts. After an on-site park manager confronted the players, a heated discussion ensued.

While the pickelballers paid the required fee, the courts are tennis only on odd days of the month—which pickleballers said was every day.

Heated argument

Police were summoned to remove the pickelball group and the dispute escalated from a discussion to even more of a discussion.

McConnaghy said pickleballers did their homework before hitting the courts at Robbins Park.

—Their permit from the Town to use the courts was signed by the Town Manager

—The property the courts are on is public property and is first-come, first-serve

—Pickelball LKN acquired a special use permit to use the courts at Bailey Road Park, which may have been the problem.