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People semi-annoyed over truck parking

July 23. The Town of Cornelius is looking at a change in the town code which would tighten regulations for commercial tractor trailer parking in the town. The move was spurred by complaints about large commercial trailers left for days on an unsightly commercial property near Planet Fitness—only a block from the Lake Norman welcome center—as well as on Kenton Place and in sections of Antiquity.

The town’s Land Development Citizens Advisory Board (LDCAB) will be discussing the possible changes at their meeting tonight in Town Hall.

“Currently, trucks parked in these locations are legally parked since they are on private streets within private property,” said Assistant Town Manager Wayne Herron. “The change we have drafted would reduce the size of trucks permitted to park on any street or town within our corporate limits from 30 feet to 20 feet.”

In addition the proposed law would add an eight foot height limit, where none existed previously.

The new law would not apply to trucks which were engaged in loading or unloading activities.

Violation of the town parking code is punishable by a fine of $25/incident, except for handicapped sections of the code which carries heavier fines.

If the LDCAB accepts the recommended changes, the Town Board would then conduct a public hearing before any final action is taken. The LDCAB meeting will begin at 5:30 pm in Room 204.