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Important Dates

Peninsula Foundation ‘Emerald’ gala is Nov. 19

Oct. 24. The Peninsula Community Foundation will hold a gala Saturday Nov. 19 at The Peninsula Club after a two-year COVID hiatus. The foundation, which has raised more than $2 million dollars since its founding in 2001, focuses on local nonprofits which often fall below the United Way threshold and therefore have a harder time obtaining funding.

Green theme

Gala attendees are encouraged to “wear green or bring green” to honor 20 years during which the PCF has served Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville.

Buy tickets

Tickets, at $200 each, are available online at www.yourpcf.org.


—There will be a bourbon and tequila-tasting competition where tasters will attempt to identify specific brands in a blind taste test. The winners will take home baskets of hard-to-find bourbons or tequilas.

—Wine and vodka lovers with good eye-hand coordination can attempt to throw rings over the necks of hundreds of bottles and win them to take home.

—Live auction with lifetime trips and experiences.

—A “Golden Ticket” raffle winner can walk away with one of these items for the price of one $100 ticket.

Brightside will perform danceable 90’s hits.