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Peninsula Community Foundation has new web site in time for 20th anniversary

Aug. 30. By Dave Vieser. The Peninsula Community Foundation (PCF) will be launching a new website later this week, along with a new tagline, “Uniting a Generous Community.”

It will coincide with the 20th anniversary of the foundation which is based in The Peninsula.

Mobilize donations, volunteers

“We will be using this site to mobilize donations and volunteers to help the non-profits we support,” said Caroline Stevens, a PCF board member. She cited as an example the Neighborhood C.A.R.E. Center which is holding a back-to-school clothing drive and needs clothes for school age children.

PCF is an all-volunteer organization which has contributed over $1 million to various local charities over the years.

Caroline Stevens

Many needs

Their overall goal is to increase awareness of major needs in the community and Mecklenburg County including but not limited to young, poor, distressed, elderly and handicapped.

Non-profit organizations benefit not only from PCF financial contributions, but from the direct involvement of PCF board members, neighbors, and volunteers. For more information or to contribute, access the new PCF website at www.your PCF.org.

“Local charities will be able to upload their specific needs and information on upcoming events, so if you are cleaning your attic and have anything from furniture to plastic grocery bags or old quilts to donate, this website can help connect you with someone who needs them,” Stevens said.