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Patient visits: A little bit of normal

May 27. Atrium Health will begin easing some of its visitation restrictions at area hospitals starting today. Patients who are having surgery or a procedure that requires sedation may designate one person to accompany them.

Atrium said COVID-Safe standards remain in place. Atrium Health began expanding care services last month, among them surgeries that were suspended during the height of the pandemic period.

The visitation revisions apply to most patients who are having surgery or a procedure that requires sedation, whether in a hospital or medical practice environment.

Visitors will still be restricted for patients in high-risk categories and environments.

All other previously announced restrictions remain in place for hospital inpatient care or standard emergency department services, including care delivered at outpatient, urgent care or residential care locations.

Exceptions are in place allowing one visitor for the birth of a baby and for end-of-life circumstances. A patient’s care team and the attending physician will work with families who have special circumstances, such as a critically ill or injured family member, on a case-by-case basis. Parents or legal guardians may visit their minor children, but no visitors under the age of 13 are currently allowed.