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Operation CROPS Day coming to Cornelius community garden

April 13. Habitat for Humanity is planning a community garden work day at the Cornelius  garden on Saturday, April 23.  

The event is called Operation CROPS Day, named for  Community Revitalize Own Prepare Share & educate.

What is CROPS Day?

Habitat for Humanity  says it’s a day to come together and serve the Cornelius community while giving the community garden a refresh for spring.

There will be activities that families and groups can do together, including gardening, arts and crafts, and nutrition education with FeedNC.

Sign up to volunteer for this event using the QR code. Input the event date (4/23) then select your desired shift.

The schedule

The event is from 9 am to 4pm, broken into morning and afternoon volunteer sessions with a lunch break noon to 1 pm.

* 9 am – noon morning volunteer session

*1-4pm afternoon volunteer session

How to get involved with CROPS day

Donate food items

• Coffee, juice, water

• Breakfast items (e.g. pasteries, bagels, donuts)

• Paper plates, napkins, cups

Donate supplies

• Gardening tools

• Seeds and dirt

• Hay and pine needles

Other ways to help

• Outreach table

• Choir/musicians

• Praise teams

In case of bad weather, the event will be April 30.