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Officer credited with saving life of Lt. Quattlebaum honored

Officer Jeff Heinz was named “Employee of the Quarter,” a new award, on May 1.


May 11. By Michael Mezquida. A Cornelius police officer who is credited with saving the life of a fellow officer during a May 2 domestic dispute has been honored for his work during the first quarter.

Officer Jeff Heinz was named “Employee of the Quarter,” a new award, on May 1. One day later, Heinz shot the suspect, 16-year-old Greyson Ferrell, at his home on Coachman’s Trace. The press release issued on May 7 credits Heinz with successfully recovering two stolen vehicles. But his actions on May 2, which may have spared the life of a fellow officer, was not a consideration in the first-quarter award.

Cornelius Police explained the award this way: “Officer Heinz followed up on a hit from our license plate recognition system and located the involved vehicle and set up surveillance. After determining the address of the owner of the vehicle displaying the stolen tag, he conducted a knock-and-talk and interviewed the suspect which resulted in a confession. During the second incident, Officer Heinz followed up on a vehicle which had been stolen the night before. Within two hours, he located the stolen vehicle and coordinated a search of the area for the suspect. With the assistance of CPD K9 and the Davidson Police Department the suspect was located and arrested.”

In a May 4 press conference following the shooting of Lt. James Quattlebaum, Police Chief Bence Hoyle said the officers involved “deserve recognition for valor and bravery.” Ironically, Heinz was involved in a perhaps once-in-a-lifetime, life-saving event after he was chosen for the award.

Officer Heinz returned fire and apprehended the suspect who was not seriously injured and has been charged with attempted murder.