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Non-profit pre-school will launch next year

Rev. David Judge of First Baptist

Oct. 26. Cornelius Early Scholars, a nonprofit scholarship preschool, will launch next year to give children in need a chance for a head start in their early childhood education.

The preschool will meet in donated space in the Education Building at First Baptist Church on Catawba Avenue.

“With one out of four children unprepared to enter kindergarten and private preschool tuition running at $400 per month, we knew that something had to be done for these kids,” explained Rev. David Judge, pastor of First Baptist.

There’s already a web site: www.corneliusearlyscholars.org


Non-profit pre-school will launch next year

As chair of Cornelius Early Scholars, Judge said the faith-based preschool plans to educate parents as well.

“Kids need their parents or guardians to be involved in their education if they are to be successful. Unfortunately, many parents just don’t have the skills or training to help their kids at home,” he said.


Cornelius Early Scholars will raise funds through private donations, grants and other sources.

CES board members include Dr. Mike Miltich and Tricia Sisson, both former Cornelius town commissioners; Jessica Holbrook, principal of Cornelius Elementary School; Cornelius resident Bonnie Little; and Manuel Rosado, director of the Neighborhood CARE Center.

More info: Rev. David Judge at 704-491-2731 or david.judge911@gmail.com .