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New COVID cases still climbing, hospitalizations up

Using Johns Hopkins University’s data, Cornelius Today compiled a chart of North Carolina’s new confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day from May 11 through June 10. While it appears that North Carolina’s numbers of contraction are on the rise, it is important to note that anomalies may occur in North Carolina’s data reporting and testing. The state’s average number of new daily cases since May 11 is 759 and its median is 730. The past seven-day average and median are significantly higher, at 1,028.14 and 907, respectively. The increasing seven-day aggregates indicate either an upward trend in confirmed cases or more accessibility to testing. On June 8 and 9, the new cases seemingly dropped 892 and 710, respectively. Yesterday, Cornelius Today stated we could not identify that as a downward trend. On June 10, the new reported cases rose to 1,246 making yesterday’s assertion correct for the time being.

June 11. By Dave Yochum. North Carolina’s coronavirus new daily case count broke through the 1,000 mark again, this time with 1,310 new cases for a total of 39,481.

Cornelius Today is tracking pandemic data from NC Dept. of Health & Human Services and Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

Based on JHU data, the median number of daily new cases during the past seven days is 907. During the past month, the median daily increase was 730, highlighting an increase that has caught the attention of White House coronavirus task force leader Deborah Birx.

Median new cases in Arizona, California, North Carolina and Texas are running well ahead of median new cases in New York and New Jersey, where the COVID-19 outbreak peaked earlier. It’s not clear where we are on the coronavirus’ trajectory.

There remains neither a cure nor a vaccine.

The previous one-day record for new cases was 1,370, reported this past Saturday.

Mecklenburg County is on the public radar as well. The number of cases here has jumped from 4,842 a week ago to 6,155 as of today, according to the NCDHHS.

On Thursday, NCDHHS reported 11 new deaths, for a total of 1,064 since the COVID-19 outbreak began in March. The NCDHHS reported 812 hospitalizations, 32 more than Wednesday.