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New COVID-19 cases running 1.13% below past 31 days

March 24. The median of new coronavirus cases over the past seven days (2,004) in North Carolina is running 1.13 percent below the median during the past 31 days (2,027), based on COVID-19 data supplied by Johns Hopkins University.


As of tomorrow, Gov Roy Cooper is easing COVID-19 restrictions such that retailers, museums and salons may reopen at 100 percent capacity.

Restaurants, breweries and gyms will be able to open at 75 percent capacity indoors and 100 percent outdoors. Bars will be able to operate at 50 percent.

NC vaccines

According to Johns Hopkins, 13.5 percent of the North Carolina population has been fully vaccinated. That’s 1.4 million people.

Cases increasing in some states

Johns Hopkins says the number of new COVID-19 cases is increasing in about half the US states. Eight states have had increases for two or more weeks. To view commentary from JHU experts, click here.


The NC Dept. of Health & Human Services COVID-19 dashboard is currently experiencing outages. We plan to update later today when the site is fully functional.

Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo with Johns Hopkins