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New​ outdoor​ storage rules proposed for Cornelius

April 21. ​By Dave Vieser​. New regulations pertaining to the outdoor storage of cars, boats and RVs in Cornelius will be considered by the town’s Planning Board ​when they meet Monday ​at ​Town Hall. Officials ​say ​the ordinance language needed to be “tightened up.”

​It could mean no more old cars out in the yard, down where the dirt meets the dandelion crop. This isn’t a big deal in neighborhoods with tight homeowners association rules, but for those neighborhoods without such rules, the days of storing lots of big ugly things outside may be numbered.​

“For several months, the town’s Land Development Code Advisory Board (LDCAB) has been working on these changes to clarify the definition and location of outdoor storage in the town, and they are now ready for formal review​,​” said Planning Director Wayne Herron.

LDCAB member Mike Miltich said most property owners have complied with existing regulations, but board members agreed that the current wording was vague and needed “more specificity.”

The new regulations proposed by the town are as follows:

In residential areas, the storage of boats and autos, if not on an improved driveway, must be in the side or rear yard and screened with an opaque fence, a tarp/cover, or within a shed or building. An improved driveway is one composed of asphalt, concrete or gravel.

Boats, vessels, and personal watercraft must be on a licensed​ ​registered trailer and not exceed twenty-six (26) feet in length. In addition, they may not exceed 6,500 lbs. by the manufacturer’s published dry weight. A limit of one boat or​ ​vessel, or two personal watercraft will be permitted as long as the two personal watercraft are stored on a single trailer designed to carry or hold two personal watercraft,

A limit of one recreational vehicle or trailer per property will be allowed to be parked on an improved driveway, or if not, in the side or rear yard.

In commercial areas autos, boats, RVs and trailers must be stored in the rear yard and screened with an opaque fence or masonry​ fence/wall that matches or complements the appearance of the principal structure. In addition, the storage area must be screened with a type “A” buffer, the largest and most densely vegetated buffer in the Town Code, which can vary from 30 to 50 feet.

If the Planning Board goes along with the suggestions on Monday, they would then go to the Town Board for a final public hearing.