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NCDHHS reports 1,076 new COVID cases statewide

Cornelius Today used data from Johns Hopkins University to create a logarithmic chart that compares the changes in new daily COVID-19 cases nationwide vs NC. In addition to the daily numbers in NC, we ran a 7-day moving average through NC daily cases. Since May 1, NC average cases per day are approximately 538 with a median of 510. Three anomalies show 31 new cases on May 19, 1,023 on May 20, and 1,598 on May 22. These outliers, which most likely reflect data-reporting practices rather than actual cases, skew the state average, thus, the NC median of 510 is probably more reflective of the state’s new daily cases.

May 29. By Dave Yochum. State health officials Friday morning reported another triple-digit single-day increase in Mecklenburg County COVID-19 cases. There were 232 new cases reported by the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services in the past 24 hours.

Statewide cases rose in excess of 1,000, at the same time testing soars.

Mecklenburg has seen a total of 3,837 coronavirus cases since mid-March. Total deaths county-wide reached 88 as of 11 am this morning, up three from yesterday’s NCDHHS total.

But North Carolina reported a decrease statewide coronavirus-related hospitalizations — 680 people — down from 708 yesterday.

North Carolina begins a second week of Phase Two reopening, with more people going back to work and restaurants opening for inside dining.

Jobs, safety and economic impact

It turns out OSHA is apparently not tracking workplace cases of coronavirus or enforcing laws meant to keep workers safe. During a meeting of the House Education & Labor Committee’s Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, Rep. Alma S. Adams (NC-12) said OSHA is not tracking workplace cases of coronavirus, “nor is this enforcement agency enforcing the law.”

She said OSHA has “no answers for the millions of Americans who have no idea whether or not their workplace is safe.”

The flip side, of course, is a monumental increase in joblessness nationwide and in North Carolina. The hospitality industry has been devastated, with special events cancelled or modified months into the future.

Even the Republican National Convention, which doesn’t occur until August, has been called into question. Gov. Roy Cooper has responded to the RNC with questions about the event, including social distancing and the numbers expected. The event is worth up to $200 million to the Charlotte economy. Click here to read the governor’s letter to the chair of the RNC.

With nearly 40 million Americans becoming jobless during the coronavirus pandemic and 44 percent of Americans expecting to go into more debt because of the crisis, people are arching to go back to work.

A new WalletHub study says the growing interest in payday loan applications indicates that more people are struggling.

North Carolina ranked sixth nationwide in loan searches in general, 12th in payday loan searches and eighth in home equity searches. All in all, the need for cash was highest overall in North Carolina, according to the WalletHub study.

Statewide, more than 1,000 new cases

Statewide data released this morning shows 32 more deaths since yesterday for a total of 859 since the COVID-19 pandemic was being tracked in March.

Total cases statewide rose 1,076 to 26,488 this morning, from 25,412 yesterday.

The increase is well above the median during the past month of 500.

However, the increase in cases also reflects a much higher level of testing statewide. Total testing rose to 391,231 as of 11 am today, up from 375,192 at the same time yesterday.

We compared the number of new cases in North Carolina to our neighbors South Carolina and Georgia. (Data Johns Hopkins University)


We also compared North Carolina to the epicenter of COVID-19, New York and New Jersey. (Data Johns Hopkins University)