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NC is 3rd-cheapest state when it comes to insurance for teen drivers

Source: Forbes Advisor

Aug. 31. It turns out North Carolina is the third-cheapest state for teen car insurance, according to a report from Forbes Advisor.

Adding a teenager to family car insurance costs on average $1,354 In North Carolina.

—Georgia is the cheapest state for teen car insurance: Adding one 16-year-old driver would cost an extra $970. This is nearly six times cheaper than the cost of the most expensive state in the study, Louisiana, where adding a teen to two parents’ insurance increases the premium by $5,587.

—Teen auto insurance rates are notoriously high due to the sizable risk new drivers pose to insurance companies. Forbes Advisor analyzed rates from 78 car insurance companies to find the average increase for adding a teen driver to a parent policy in each state.

The second-cheapest state for teen car insurance is Montana with an added extra cost of $1,302 to the average of $1,653 for two parents.

North Carolina was the third-cheapest state, with parents paying on average $1,354 onto their existing policy, while they are already paying $1,397 for their own insurance – the third-lowest rate in the country.

Source: Forbes Advisor