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NC House candidates discuss goals and priorities

Democrat Christy Clark

Christy Clark, Democrat

I-77 Tolls: Work alongside Gov. Cooper and the NCDOT to develop real solutions to I-77. Toll roads are one tool that could help pay for highways. But the I-77 toll lane is a case study in what not to do. It’s not just about a high toll fee or a 50-year contract. It’s about a community that did not have an opportunity to voice their concerns. It’s going to take political courage and bi-partisan cooperation to make the necessary changes. I will work with the General Assembly and the governor to support his plan to have the state take over the contract.

Healthcare: Expand coverage to include the over 600,000 people who fall into the gap. Health care isn’t just a talking point for me, it’s personal. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  After a six-hour surgery that saved my life, I was led to the billing department of the hospital where I learned what my insurance didn’t cover. As shocking as that number was, I am one of the lucky ones who is covered by medical insurance. Some 600,000 North Carolinians fall in the medical coverage gap. We can no longer deny them the security of healthcare. If elected, I would expand Medicaid in North Carolina. We are already paying federal taxes for Medicaid expansion but our money is being sent to other states. When we expand Medicaid, we will bring billions of dollars back to our state. This will create an estimated 40,000 jobs in the healthcare sector. Decreasing the number of people without health insurance will lower health care costs for everyone because hospitals will no longer have to pass along the costs of uninsured patients to others.

Gerrymandering: The right to vote is a bedrock of our democracy. Our elections should be free, fair and accessible. Gerrymandering puts political power over the will of the people. It was wrong when Democrats did it, and it’s wrong now. I’ve taken a pledge to support independent non-partisan redistricting. North Carolina should get back to the way our democracy is meant to be with fair maps and fair elections. Every person should feel their vote counts.


Republican John Bradford (incumbent)

John Bradford, Republican (incumbent)

I-77 Tolls: Since first being elected to the NC House I have passed legislation to terminate the current contract with Cintra. Earlier his year, I was the only legislator along with five other local community leaders that met with the Governor and formally requested that an I-77 advisory committee be created. In the last legislative session, I unanimously passed legislation in the NC House that created a reserve funding account to accrue annual surplus monies from the NCDOT Highway and Highway Trust funds for the sole purpose of being used for contract modification or termination. I will continue to seek legislative solutions to modify or terminate the contract, create a funding mechanism to pay any contractual termination fees, and help find a more equitable voting methodology in the MPO for North Mecklenburg.

Schools: CMS recently red-lined Huntersville and Cornelius from receiving capital funding for new schools as a retaliatory action against our Town’s desire to have additional options for creating new municipal managed schools. Hough High School, for example, is currently at 116 percent capacity, and the recently passed $922 million in CMS bonds do not include funding for any new traditional public schools in the three North Mecklenburg towns. I believe CMS has egregiously overstepped their bounds by red-lining our Towns as opposed toto address the future needs of our students. If re-elected and called upon by the local elected Town officials to study/create a smaller, more localized school District, I am prepared to work with all parties to help find the very best solution that will put the needs of our students first.

Small Business: I am a husband, father and entrepreneur. I own and operate two different companies located right here in District 98 and have created over 60 local jobs for our community. I am one of the few legislators with large corporate and small business experience. I understand first-hand the importance of tax-reform to put more money back in the pockets of hard-working families. As Chairman of Regulatory Reform, I have helped remove burdensome business regulations so small business owners can create jobs and achieve economic prosperity.


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