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NC Attorney General sues Flowers Flooring for unfair and deceptive practices

Flowers Flooring was located at 18724 Statesville

Nov. 22. NC Attorney General Josh Stein has filed a lawsuit against Flowers Flooring in Cornelius for allegedly defrauding customers by accepting payment for materials that were never delivered or floor installations that were not started or completed.

The Department of Justice has received more than 80 complaints against Flowers Flooring, which was located at 18724 Statesville Road, for allegedly unlawful practices.

Jeremy William Flowers, managing member of the business, could not be reached for comment.

Facebook promotions as recently as October

The business, which also had a location in Winston-Salem, continued to advertise its services on Facebook, touting its “customer service” as recently as Oct. 2, and on Oct. 12 asking “what kind of floor do you prefer in your laundry room?”

One customer answered this way: “Preferably one that’s installed in a timely fashion & I’m not ripped off. I don’t know how you sleep at night.”

‘Routinely deceived’ 83 customers

The attorney general’s lawsuit says beginning early this year, Flowers “routinely deceived” at least 83 consumers by requiring and accepting deposits for the product and shipping and then failing to install the product, and failing to provide refunds, even after promising refunds.

Stein alleges that Flowers bought time by “representing to consumers that the product consumers wished to purchase was backordered by suppliers.”

If you believe you or someone you know has been treated unlawfully by Flowers Flooring, you can file a consumer complaint.

To view the attorney general’s complaint click here.