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Motorists: Please steer clear of fires, fire apparatus, hoses

Photo: Huntersville Fire Facebook screengrab

April 23. Everyone knows fire is incredibly dangerous, but not everyone realizes how dangerous it is to navigate anywhere near a fire or fire apparatus.

Sparks and embers traveled far from the massive fire in South Park last week.

And just days before, in Huntersville, vehicles drove over hoses during a major structural fire on Gilead Road, ruining the line.

It had to be replaced mid-fire.

And hoses keep water in the hands of firefighters.

Fire Chief Guerry Barbee

Cornelius Fire Chief Guerry Barbee offers these tips to motorists:

—Never drive over any fire hose you see in the street, regardless of the size. Never.

—Do not park in front of fire hydrants.

—If you see emergency vehicles in the street do not approach. Find an alternate route.